Malayan Banking Bhd. offerings Premier Life Value Savings Plan.

Sign up as the premier value savers with Malayan Banking Berhad to attain 9% profit returns per annum with the minimum commitment saving per month of these financial product of RM100.00 / RM150.00 / RM200.00. 
For example:
You have accumulates:
RM100 x 12 months = RM1,200
RM1,200 x 3 years = RM3,600
You will get RM3,600 after 3 years + 9% projected returns
RM150 x 12months = RM1,800
RM1,800 x 3 years = RM5,400
You will get RM5,400 after 3 years + 9% projected returns
RM200 x 12 months = RM2,400/year
RM2,400 x 3 years = RM7,200
You will get RM7,200 after 3 years + 9% projected returns
* Eligible age from 18-50 years old
* Expected return at 9% per annum**
* Basic coverage upon Death & Total Permanent Disability
* Switching & Withdrawal benefits

Premier Value Savings Plan
**Returns will determine by market price.

Kay, Finance Executive of Malayan Banking Berhad
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Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor
Telephone: +603-51222461, 51221462
Mobile: +6012-2238318
” Lets work hard for Greater Gain.”
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Organic Gel Mask Machine maker


It’s amazing on how a machine is able to create your own facial mask with your preferred fruits or vegetables. You may use water,  milk, breast milk (if you have any) and even wine.


It’s 100% Natural and organic.
No preservatives.
No animal testing.
No chemical.

Simple & Easy Steps to create your own mask in just minutes.

This 100% all natural fruit and vegetable mask battle free radicals, stimulates blood circulation , rejuvenate the skin, increases skin elasticity, firming, whitening and leaves your skin bright and glowing.


Reduce wrinkle and fine lines for aging skin.


For acne and eczema skin, red wine is also consider good for exfoliation and detoxifying the skin and tightening the pores.

Come and meet our person in charge for a Live Demo from:
8th to 10th July 2016 (Friday to Sunday)
Time: 10 am to 9.30pm
Venue: Booth mo. 39, Mid valley, 3rd Floor Exhibition Hall.


Person in charge:
Marilyn Gwee
Hp: 017 773 5188

First in Malaysia.
Product from Korea.
Dealers / Stockist wanted.
Or you can also watch the live demo with other Korea Celebrities here.