Sport & Hobbies

My Sports

I consider myself as a fun-loving person and i like to get involved with adventurous sports as it taught me how to be driven & i have learnt how to challenge myself and go beyond than my strength.  Besides, I do go to gym to do some cardio sport regularly as it helps to train up my stamina & exercise my heartbeats as well. And, i enjoy swimming as it helps to exercise my entire body. The best part that i like about swimming is it able to helps to relax our mind when I floating on the water! The feeling is just nice.

Her Diet

People often asked me how you maintain yourself to be slim, i told them that I’m pretty health conscious about my diet &  i do control for my diet.  Thus i dare not to eat that much during each of meal. So, usually i take 5 meals in a day but in less portion. As it helps for digestion and increase my metabolism rate as well. This is how i keep myself to be healthy, youthful & slim.


Well,  i’m foodie & i love to eat. Thus, i have the passion to learn how to make sauces & cook for new dishes and it is always my pleasure to cook for others.  As different people have different appetite of the day and different kind of appetite can tells hows the mood of the person it. This is where i learnt how to make sauces and create different kind of flavors with the contrast of the dishes & the love of wines to enlighten their day.

Besides that, i enjoy writing and sharing info, tips & knowledge with my readers & visitors. As I learn to excel inside-out along my life journey, thus i would like to inspire others about what to do & what not to do from my past.  So eventually they can turn up to be a better person without making the mistakes that I’ve done before.