My name is Janice 张佩琪 aka JANICE TEOH.  I’m happy & easy going person, and I enjoy the simple things in life however that doesn’t mean I’m not a go getter. I enjoy the challenge of learning new things whilst challenging myself in various fields in both Life & businesses. I enjoy modelling and fashion as it enables me to be more creative and to be flexible with what I have with me and around me. It motivates me not for the sake beauty, but with my passion of sharing,  The Inner Beaute of mine to out-stand myself and also to help people acquire the products that may be able to help them to become prettier and healthier, by checking on the latest posting about my latest finds at Facebook Page: Janiceteoh.com. As my passion is in Beauty, Skincare & Healthcare productions and I enjoy helping everybody to choose suitable products for themselves so they may be able to grasp what products are helpful and healthy. So if you have any questions about my post, do not hesitate to ask me – I will be your expert! Helping other people will always be my pleasure. Also, if you’d like to contact me for photography project or other events, drop me an email about the details. See you soon!


Your Honorably,